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CARNAGE MMA & FITNESS, Introduce Dana Morrissey

007When life takes you on a ride sometime you just have to roll with the punches. Coach Dana Morrissey, has had his share of those kind of hits. Long time martial artist and mma coach Dana, has work with some of the finest world class athletes and have coach them to championship titles. He started boxing at the age of 10 years old. That was his introduction to combat sports. Soon after he his family took him to a Tae Kwon Do at the age of 15, he then started taking classes in NinJitsu, and also wrestled in Jr. high school and high school. During those coach Dana finshed 4th in the state in wrestled, after the macth he tested for his Black Belt in NinJitsu, what a kid. He did not stop at that point he went on to achieve Black Belts in Kickboxing and Grappling. With other honors such as purple belt in Kenpo Karate and White Crane Kung Fu. Dana Morrissey, has also studied Jeet Kune Do, Judo, and Jiu Jitis. Coach Morrissey, has been a fighter for 15 yrs. He hold a Kickboxing record of 4-2- all 4 wins by KO’S. Boxing 9-3 six wins by KO’S and 18-1 in MMA 16 of those wins by KO’s. Mr. Morrissey has been teaching Martial Arts for over 20 years, training boxer’s, kickboxer’s, and mma fighter’s for 11 yrs. The fighter’s coach Dana has trained or assisted, have won 14 Kickboxing titles and 30 MMA tiles on all levels.

Life has made coach Dana, take a strong look at what has become more important in his life and the life of his supportive wife. When coach Dana and I first met some four years ago, he was the owner of gym in Woodland Ca. Working very hard to train some very young fighter’s that all had the will to work hard and become successful in the mma fight game. One thing that came to my attention right away was his loyalty to his art and the details in his traning method. This is something quality coachs have and keep dear to the traning method of success. I have witness this action personally at a live professional mma fight, when the fight was close in the 5th round and coach Dana needed to get that last 2 1/2 mins out of his fighter in order to get the title. He quickly evaluated his fighter needs shouted out some trustworty guidance and the team accomplish the goal and victory was there’s. Shortly later he was closeing his gym, and lost alot of his fighter’s to a new up start fight team that had a bigger bank account and started slush funding around the region and making mockery out of loyalty. A chance to jump an audible and us social media websites to spit out hateful words about gym owners, teams, and people at large just to stomp out competiton,was it really worth it? Because of that type of attiude, many traning centers, gyms and clubs became empty with the owners and their familys with broken hearts and law suits. That was a very bad time for many gym owners and martial artist, who truly had love , passion, and loyalty for the fighter’s that they trained. I am very proud to see that coach Morrissey keeped his vision for the future and stuck to the specific with high expectations of mma coaching. For those athletes who lost such a trust of wealth will one day ask that crazy question, ” What was I thinking?”  See, when you discover greatness in a person, its not the gift of finding that person. The challenge is having what it take to hold on to the gift. What a pitty it would be for a young fighter or even a veteran champion, not to take advantage of his book of knowledge.

Some fight teams and fighters have a moment in time, the apex of their career, when they are hot. Everything is rollen, winning each and everytime. People hanging on at every event sponsor’s coming at you with offers, photo shoots, video shoots. You know the deal. Then boom! something changes, you hit the wall back to back loses or two loses in a three fight deal. The members in the gym can feel it. Sponsors see where their money and time is going. Who are you going to call, Ghostbuster’s?

Over the passes two years coach Morrissey, has taken his free time to trained some young men under his professional understanding of the mma fight game. With realistic expectaions to seedbed the formula of fighting success in their mind’s.  A few of them have competed on the amateur level and have some very bright future. But what has happen in coach Morrissey life recently is not only hosting his own  internet mma show ” Inside The Fight ” a Cobra-Source MMA production. He has now taken on the position at Carnage MMA and Fitness, as the head coach of Carnage Fight Team and head kickboxing instrucor. Coach Dana Morrissey brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, and opportunity. Coach Morrissey is joining a very accomplish veteran team including former Bellator mma fighter and BJJ Black Belt Jaime Jara, and UFC veteran Kelly Dullanty. Owner Mike Rumsey will continue to play an active roll as director of daily operations and team manager. Life has taken coach Morrissey, on a ride. But what we can learn from him is this, ” Sometime you just have to roll with the punches.”