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Behind the Fight : With No Body MMA

WFC11_16The premier episode of ‘Behind the Fight’ took us to the North Bay Area city of Vallejo California. A once bustling port city, Vallejo, has as of late fallen on hard times.With the closure of its Naval base, Mare Island, and the countries most recent economic down-turn, Vallejo has been a city that’s struggled to find a positive light through what’s proven to be its most difficult decade. I showed up at our first shoot location a bit
early to reconnect with the city. After all I’d been born in Vallejo and spent much of my early childhood living in this community. I stopped in at The Front Room, one of the few restaurants that managed to stay alive once things started to dry up after Mare Island closed. Sitting, having coffee, preparing my notes for the shoot; I couldn’t help but look out at the absolutely beautiful waterfront view I had.While the sun set in the distance, I could see the sail boats and teams of rowers darting back to dock nearby before dark. And across the water sat old Mare Island. With it’s huge empty ship docks and cargo storage hangers, her whispers hinted at the glory and pure production the old North Bay area town once boasted.

Driving to our next location we traveled thru old town Vallejo’s state streets. With its mid century architecture going relatively unchanged for the past 60+ years. Vallejo echo’s the beauty of older U.S. cities back east or in the south.  Unfortunately 2 out of every 3 of those once occupied storefronts now remain vacant. With no Navel base population to support the local shops and entertainment venues, they were all forced to move to other cities or close all together. Passing by Tennessee and Sonoma Blvd., we witnessed some of the negative aspects that Vallejo has been more recently known for: drugs, gangs, and prostitution–which have taken hold of what was once the city’s most popular areas. With a police department forced to lay of over half it’s force a decade ago, Vallejo was overrun by crime. But there is hope for Vallejo. They have begun to rebuild their police force, create community outreach programs to help those families in need, and the desperate times has molded Vallejo into a city full of hungry, motivated, and talented fighters.

As you enter Seronio’s Island Bred Martial Arts, you can feel the heat radiating from the front door. I step inside the dojo to realize that ‘that’ great heat busting out of the front door was completely being generated by the hard session being endured inside by its athletes–a room full of the areas top notch young fighters training in all areas of martial arts. We first caught up with the owner and head instructor of the karate program, Bobby Seronio Jr., to see how he’s slowly–but surely–transitioned his traditional Martial Arts dojo into a fight hub with world champion sport karate competitors; to the areas top wrestling coaches, BJJ; and now working with Nobody MMA. Bobby Jr. was just thankful to help contribute to Nobody MMA, and have the opportunity to exchange training and knowledge to help better both sets of athletes preparing for their upcoming events.

Finally we caught up with Nobody MMA. We first spoke with head coach Anthony (Sonny) Ramos. A third generation black belt in Kajukenbo, and former MMA fighter, Sonny has a humble and spiritual approach to coaching. Fueled by hard work and positive thinking, Nobody MMA has slowly put itself on the map in the 3 years since it was officially formed. Once the fighters getting ready for the upcoming WFC 11 card were all done with their training session, we were able to talk with them about their upcoming bouts.


Both lightweight Cesar Gonalez, and flyweight Adam Galiste, are making their Westcoast Fighting Championship debuts, and are excited about their fights. Cesar, when asked about how he handled 2013, where he fought 7 times going 5-2; received his bachelors degree in Criminal Justice; worked a full time job as shift lead at the local CytoSport factory; and handled balancing all 3 things; he said, “it’s was difficult at times, you just gotta stay positive at all times, and surround yourself with positive people.” With a mindset like Cesar’s it’s no wonder why he seems to find success in so many positive avenues.

Six years ago, Adam Galiste said, “I got sick and tired of sitting at home playing x-box.” So he decided to throw on a Gi and try Jiu-Jitsu. Fast forward to now, and he dons a Cesar Gracie Purple Belt, and is coming back to step into the cage for the 5th time. Adam, coming off an over a year lay off says, “this is the best I’ve felt in the 3 years I’ve been fighting.” Well it was an awesome night spent with team Nobody MMA at Seronio’s Island Bred Martial Arts, in Vallejo, CA. Our next stop will take us to WFC 11.

On a warm summer night in Sacramento WFC (WestCoast Fighting Championship) held it’s 11th event in which turned out to be one of the best cards they’ve had yet. The WFC although still in it’s first few years of existence has risen to become one of Northern California’s best pro/am shows and has become a feeder league for some of MMAs bigger shows such as World Series of FIghting picking up WFC heavyweight champion Dave Huckaba, as well as Bellator picking up former welterweight champ Justin Baseman. And some WFC vets have even being called up to the UFC including current welterweight champ Max Griffin who competed on season 16 of the Ultimate FIghter, and former featherweight champ Andre Fili currently an up and comer in the UFC’s 145 pound division. Needless to say if you want a chance to see some of tomorrows best and fastest rising MMA fighters a WFC card is the event to attend.

Fortunately we had a rare behind the scenes access to the show in order to follow up with Nobody MMA fighters Adam Galiste and Cesar Gonzalez who we features on the premier episode of ‘Behind the Fight’. Adam was up first as the 3rd fight of the card. Adam was coming of a year and a half layoff entering the cage this evening and the rust was apparent, with him getting caught early by a sharp right hand from Alpha Males Nico Lozada which put him on the canvas. Adam tried to recover but was swarmed by Lozada forcing the ref to stop the fight making Adam the loser by TKO.

Cesar was up next in a fight that on any other card would have easily been fight of the night. Gonzalez, taking on MMA Golds Kevin Burrage wasted no time pressing Burrage to the cage and initiating  back and fourth exchanges that would leave Cesar open to Burrage taking his back and maintaining control for over half the round. Cesar would eventually fight out of it taking top control on the ground landing some good shots, but would it be enough to win the round? Round 2 and the majority of round 3 was all Gonzalez with Cesar forcing Burrage to the cage and delivering massive shots to the body forcing Burrage to shoot for takedowns that where mostly stuffed and stuffed hard by Gonzalez. But late in the 3rd, Cesar, a usually very disciplined fighter became taken over by the moment when he stepped back to the center of the cage putting his hands up in the air goading Burrage to advance. And boy did he! With a flurry of punches Burrage connected with Gonzalez’ chin folding him to the mat like a laundry board. However, both men would make the same mistake tonight with Burrage, assuming the fight was over, turning and raising his hands to the sky proclaiming victory to the crowd. But as he turned back to the screams of his coaches yelling “finishes him!!” Burrage saw a still wobbled Gonzalez smiling as he slowly rose from the brink of defeat. With less than 30 seconds in the match Burrage tried frantically to find a home for one more fight ending shot but Gonalez survived to make it to the cards which read in his favor…Gonzalez gets the win by majority decision.

WFC 11 was not only a great night of fights but also an all around great production. With a card having both the amateur and professional commissions being involved many pro/am shows can tend to drag. But WFC 11kept the fights coming at a very rhythmic pace leaving little down time for fans to get antsy in between fights. And with this victory, Nobody MMAs Cesar Gonzalez was awarded a Westcoast 155 lbs. amateur title shot at it’s next show in mid November.

It truly was an honor to shine some light on Cesar with the show and we are excited to see what the future has in store for this humble, hungry, and extremely hard working young man.
Once again thanks for watching, and reading. We will see you next time on, Behind the Fight!